A Walk with The Shepherd

"A Walk with The Shepherd" by Linda Stirling
“For me, connecting with God through His wise counsel in Psalm 23 developed seeds of hope after my 19 year old son died. A walk with the Shepherd takes just one day at a time.”
Monday: “The Lord is MY Shepherd” Psalm 23:1
To me, that meant the Lord was at work for me. He knows me like no other and therefore knows exactly what I need for my child’s welfare, my job, my personal health. Every Monday in my planner, I would write The Lord is My Shepherd. He’s out there bringing in just the right client, the right mate, the perfect experience for that day and every day. My business flourishes because God has been so good as to usher wonderful people to my door where it becomes my job to minister to their financial needs. What a Partner I have—and so do you.
Tuesday: “I Shall Not Want” Psalm 23:1-2
The Lord will provide for me. He feeds me and quiets my anxiety. He looks ahead and prepares the way. I have seen God’s supply coming to me daily. Always in the nick of time, when credit can only be given to God, my human need is met. What a perfect God, with His perfect timing and the perfect solution. I shall not want. Believe it—He has promised it.
Wednesday: “The Lord Will Keep Me Going” Psalm 23:3
Oh, did I need that promise that miserable day on Interstate 5, as well as today. The example that created the clearest picture for me is that of the tending shepherd. When the sheep would lie down in the damp grass, their thick wool would be so wet and heavy they would be unable to stand up again on their own. The shepherd would literally grab them by the wool on their back and gently lift them onto their feet. Can you relate as I did? The shepherd repeatedly lifted my heart out of the darkness and showed me new opportunities and new beginnings. He restored my soul.
Thursday: “The Lord Will Guide Me” Psalm 23:3
The paths of righteousness were not necessarily my walkway at that time. We often look for love in all the wrong places, yet every Thursday for weeks on end I was reminded that I had a leader who
wanted to set me on the path of righteousness for HIS name’s sake.
Friday: “The Lord Will Protect Me” Psalm 23:4
The imagery of the staff of the shepherd demonstrates how God is truly there daily to protect me from the predators of lust, greed, fear, and vanity. Yet the staff is also used to prod, to keep me going and moving on with life. At first, depression and introspection were immobilizing. But then I was prodded to call a friend, read the Bible, volunteer, or play tennis with my son Greg. Such shepherding lifted my fear of failure, bankruptcy, and life without a soul mate. The Lord protected me. God’s protective rod and staff got me off my duff and moving in the right direction.
Saturday: “The Lord Will Heal Me” Psalm 23:5
Physically, mentally and emotionally, God wants us to surrender our wounds and emotional sores. When the healing involves God, the results include miracles. The dark valley of depression holds the enemy of our soul. Each day I would visualize Him anointing me with the most precious oils of His love, prodding me with his staff, holding my right hand and drawing me out of the shadows of anger and fear to the comforting still waters and beautiful green pastures. He will mend my broken heart.
Sunday: “The Lord Will Pursue Me” Psalm 23:6
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. God is relentless. My life is full of miracles, little ones and big ones, because He never gave up on me. When problems present themselves, as they continue to do, I am moved to start looking for the Shepherd’s way.

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