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Table of Contents


Section One: The Journey
1. Walking Out of the Valley
A Psalm of Healing for Grieving Parents: The Author’s Personal Story
2. Passing It On
A Child’s Heart Failure Inspires a Personal Outreach
3. Use Us Lord!
An Avoidable Stillbirth Brings Forth a Prayer
4. Dreams for a Family
Moving Beyond Guilt after Multiple Miscarriages

Section Two: The Strength to Carry On
5. “Don’t Forget Me!”
Siblings’ Response to their Sister’s Long Illness and Death
6. A “Dear Friends” Letter Rekindles Friendships
Do’s and Don’t’s for Friends Eases the Isolation of a Death after Losing Son to Cancer
7. Working Through Forgiveness
A Letter to Her Son’s Murderer Sets a Mother on a Path Toward Healing
8. It’s God!
A Family Fights against the Power of Drugs

Section Three: Turning Loss into Legacy
9. She Chose to Heal
Soothing Teas Created after the Premature Birth of Twin Daughters
10. Signs and Songs from the Heart
Coincidences Empower a Mother to Make a Difference after Her Son’s Suicide
11. In Service to Our Country
Military Honoring Inspires Outreach to Others
12. Under God’s Umbrella .
Ministry to Other Mothers is a Testimony to Son’s Life

A Final Word by Mike MacIntosh
Discussion Questions
About the Author